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Nike+ FuelBand (by Taro Sawada)

A growing number of people wear fitness activity trackers to monitor their efforts to stay in shape (The Guardian). The Nike+ FuelBand is one lifelogging product that allows people to track physical activities. According to Nike,

NikeFuel is a simple, universal way to measure how much you move, providing you with guidance, insights and motivation to become a better athlete.

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Nike has been one of the leaders in the personal fitness market with its Nike + iPod accessories. The Nike FuelBand is its new product that functions as a standard pedometer but uses "gamification" tactics such as awarding badges to incentivize people into an active lifestyle. The Nike+ Fuelband uses a metric called the “Nike Fuel” as single, universal way to measure all kinds of activities. This includes any sort of physical activity.

NikeFuel is a metric that helps you get active and stay motivated. It measures the ways you are active in a day, making it easy to see trends across activities, over time and in comparison to friends.

In terms of its design and features, the Nike+ FuelBand is known for its simplicity. There are no other ports besides the buttons, and LED lights on the FuelBand show how close people are to reaching their activity goals. The end of the band is a USB connector, which is used to connect to the computer to sync data. The FuelBand also can use Bluetooth connection for an iOS device. After syncing the data, the app shows an individual’s Fuel score, as well as the history of their activity throughout the day, week, month, or year, in addition to other important information like calories, activity time, and steps. This lifelogging device connects to others like Facebook to share workout data to friends as well. Furthermore, the FuelBand makes exercise motivational, as detailed analysis allows people to set specific goals and compare results with others in the Nike+ community.


  • Able to track details on all activities throughout the day, based on pedometer and calories calculated by “Nike Fuel” metric
  • Helpful in setting personal goals and train smarter by recording and analyzing daily exercise data
  • Allows tracking of details regarding how you felt, the weather, the terrain, the specific route you took to provide a better and personalized workout experience
  • Improved battery life
  • Simple and attractive design


  • Does not have an Android app, meaning that there is a platform issue
  • Cannot measure distance for runs and is not meant for athletes who train regularly
  • Calculates in the same way for everyone, and it disregards body weight, gender or age
  • Not as cheap as other lifelogging apps (over $100)

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