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Google Earth Street View is a feature on Google Earth and Google Maps. They provide 360 degree angle pictures taken on the street level of many places all over the world. From Google Earth or Google Maps you can zoom in fully until you are taken to the street. Then you become represented by a pegman, and can walk along the street with new images being shown to you. It can be used to find exact restaurant locations. Users can upload information to Street View so more images all over the globe are always being added. At this point it has reached all seven continents and has major coverage in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Brazil. Street View is used by realtors to help consumers investigate a neighborhood and house before they make a decision.
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Street View was started in 1997. In 1998 it was incorporated into Google Earth. In 2009 users were allowed to click anywhere on the screen and get many different angles of anything on the street. 3D technology is being developed to take users into the street.

Street View can be accessed from blackberry, and android devices.

Google Technologies
Google gathers the images using a special car with a camera attatched to the top that rotated and takes hundreds of pictures in less than a minute. For smaller dirt roads they use a google Trike, which is a bike that also has the special camera attatched to it. Google is the exclusive owner of the images taken by these special cameras.

Some people believed that street view is an invasion of privacy. They don't like the idea of a car taking pictures of their houses and posting them to the internet. There are several instances in which google captured people in interesting positions. The most serious case was a women who believed that people could see the books on her bookshelf, and that felt to her like a massive privacy invasion. Google was able to defend Street View by claiming that all the photos were taken in the public domain, on public property.
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The future looks very bright for street view, as more images are being collected and more data added to the site. Google is working on allowing private users to upload photos of their neighborhood to increase the data collection potential. Recently Street View has linked with vdite, which is a virtual turnpike. Using vdite you can receive driving directions and hear traffic issues. vdite simulates driving through a neighborhood just driving down the route in the street. After more development vdite could be able to completely simulate driving across America.

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