Life Logging

What is Life Logging?

  • In todays era: it is a detailed collection of personal data that is tracked through different types of technologies: cameras, wearable devices, etc.
  • Historically: life logging has been used for decades
    • For example: Life logging gained attention after 1994 when a researcher who wore a computer that would take pictures of whatever he did 24/7

What does Life Logging Involve?

  • tracking physical activity
  • tracking health indicators: heart rate, sleep, calories, food/water consumption
  • Life logging is not only physical:
    • tracks music, destinations, pictures

What Platforms:

  • Wearable technologies: fitbit, apple watch
  • Chips: nike chip
  • Mobile Apps
  • Cameras

How does Life Logging Connect: usually through bluetooth, wifi, etc.

Analysis: Critquing Life Logging
*today most life logging is automatic, steps, milage, etc. But some of it does need to be put in manually

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