Jawbone Fitness Trackers

Jawbone Fitness Trackers

Lifelogging devices are becoming increasingly prevalent. Wearable fitness monitors and heart-rate trackers are two lifelogging devices generating a lot of interest. Jawbone is a company that initially sold just speakers and headsets, but has expanded to include four activity trackers: the UP, the UP24, the UP3, and the UP Move.

UP, the company’s first activity tracker, was released in November 2011. This flexible wristband can keep track of:

  • Sleep patterns
  • Eating habits
  • Number of steps taken
  • Number of calories burned
Two years after the release of the UP, Jawbone came out with the the UP24 in November 2013. Along with the new wristband, Jawbone upgraded its mobile app. The UP24 has a design that is nearly identical to that of the UP. The UP24 is waterproof and is meant to be worn all the time. In addition to the basic features of fitness trackers, the UP24 provides some upgraded capabilities. For example, when logging food on the mobile app, you can scan the barcode of packaged foods to transfer all the nutritional quantities instantly. Smart Alarm is a feature that analyzes your sleep cycle and starts vibrating at the best time to wake up (within a maximum of 30 minutes before your regular alarm). Idle Alert lets you customize settings on the mobile app and then will buzz to let you know that you’ve been inactive for too long. After approximately a week of wearing the band, UP24 begins to provide personal advice. “Today I will” is a message which details what is recommended based on recent data. It might tell you to drink more water or to go to sleep earlier. One last major upgrade with the UP24 is wireless Bluetooth syncing.
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Recently, Jawbone has released two new lifelogging devices: The UP3 and the UP Move. The UP3 is another wristband, like the UP and the UP24. It is much smaller than the previous two bands, and is one-size-fits-all. It’s also water resistant up to 10 meters. Like many other devices, the UP3 will have continuous, 24-hour heart-rate tracking. Unlike other heart-rate tracking devices, however, the UP3 uses a technology called bioimpedance. It has metal studs which conduct electrical bioimpedance measurements. With this technology, Jawbone says other measurements, like ambient and skin temperature readings can be monitored. The iOS version of a new app compatible with the UP3 will be released this year, while the Android version will be released in 2015. Resting heart-rate will be the main focus of the UP3 in the early stages, however "future updates will include more on-demand heart-rate data, and possibly even metrics like hydration levels." (CNET).

The UP Move is another fitness tracker, however has a different design. It’s made out of plastic and can be worn either as a wristband or as a clip. It’s much cheaper than the UP3, as it is only $50 (UP3 is $180). It also works with Jawbone’s mobile app, and informs you of your progress with tiny LED lights around the button in the center. It uses a coin-type battery, which makes its life much longer, as you can get six months of use without charging. The Move is waterproof as well, however it is not to the extent of the UP3 (not meant for swimming).


  • All of Jawbone’s fitness trackers are very comfortable and easily removed and put on
  • Jawbone is showing improvement with each new device it releases: more functions, sleeker designs, new technologies, and clear plans for the future
  • Newer features are becoming increasingly personalized — advice is becoming more and more tailored to the individual
  • Great mobile app (which has also been upgraded) available for both iOS and Android users


  • Jawbone has yet to release a fitness tracker with a display, unlike competitors (Nike+, Microsoft Band, FitBit, etc.)
  • Lack of display creates some inconvenience for user, as it can’t be used without an app
  • UP3’s focus is resting heart rate and sleep/stress, so it may not be intended for athletes

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