Google Maps

What it is:

Google Maps, formally known as Google Local, is a web mapping service application provided free from Google (for non-commercial use) that offers street maps, route planning and other forms of location technology. It is a related product of Google Earth and a close variant of the Mercator Projection (a cylindrical map projection). It's functions include Google Ride Finder, Google Transit, Route Planner and Google Maps API, aside from the general Google Maps service, and it services most types of transport routes, public and private.



Google Maps was first written in C++ by two Danes at a Swedish based firm in Australia. The idea was pitched to Google inc. and was acquired in 2004, where it was transformed into the web-application it is now. By 2005 Google Maps was made available for all major web-browsers. By 2006 Google Maps featured road maps for the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, the UK and parts of Ireland, and Google Moon and Google Mars were launched as separate services. Google Street View was launched in 2007 (see media-tools).


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Most of the advancement in Google Maps has been in it's Street View Function. The Street View service is continuously growing in terms of imagery and data, since it uses massive amounts of digital photography.1

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