CurrentC is a POS mobile payment app currently in beta testing in Columbus, Ohio. The parent company of CurrentC, Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX), is run by a consortium of large chain corporations. MCX was formed specifically to develop a POS mobile payment app owned by the merchants themselves in an effort to evade the fees associated with credit/debit card transactions and the profit margins paid to mobile payment developers in return for using their productssource. Like other POS payment apps, CurrentC is connected to a credit/debit account and relays transaction details to the CurrentC servers in order to avoid releasing credit card details in transmissions. In order to avoid as many card fees as possible, CurrentC uses automated clearing house (ACH) to facilitate paymentssource. MCX additionally designed the app to communicate using QR codes rather than the NFC technology found in similar apps. At the time of payment, the vendor’s device will generate a unique QR code which the user scans before confirming the transactionsource. Though the project was supposed to fully launch in early 2016, major setbacks – including a successful hack of the beta version – has delayed its release. At present, there is no updated launch date.

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