Construction - Data Collection

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a key aspect of the idea of a mirror world lies in it's construction - the difference between a mirror world and any other virtual environment is that at least some part a mirror world is built from data collected from the real world, whereas other virtual environments can be entirely fabricated.

On this page, I will examine some of the methods of data collection used in the construction of mirror worlds; specifically, mirror worlds as they relate to Augmented reality.

3d Scanning

3D scanning is a particularly straightforward means of construction - using a sensor, raw depth and color data is recorded for individual points in a scene. these points, collectively, form a "point cloud", which is already a pretty in-depth visual representation of a physical space:

at this point, algorithms can be applied to this point cloud to create a solid 3d model from the point cloud, to which physics simulations can be added, leaving a digital representation of a physical space

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